Privacy Policy

Last Updated on: 10th October,2018

Dear Visitor, is an online service platform provided by Esha Media Research Limited, a Company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956, for creating shortened Uniform Resource Locator (i.e URLs) and tracking such URLs, Sharing URLs via social networks, forums and blogs, generating traffics with respect to such URLs.

Esha Media Research Limited is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest in and to

The Privacy Policy made available to you on the link ,hereinafter referred to as the “Site” describes the policies and procedures of Esha Media Research Limited, hereinafter referred to as “EMRL” ,on collection, storage, use, security and disclosure of information of its Users and the services, features, contents or applications offered by EMRL, including Site, and collectively referred to as the “Services”).

The Site also includes a description of its User’s rights to use, access and correct his Personal information.

Sources of Information and User consent

EMRL receives information about its User when

  • When user registers himself for the Site and Services by creating his User account on the service platform of EMRL, hereinafter referred to as the “Account including the service platform of EMRL,’’.

  • When User uses the Services of EMRL.

  • From Third Party websites and services when User uses the services of such Third Party.

The User hereby expressly grants his consent to collection, storage, transfer, processing, disclosure and for other usage of his information as described in this Privacy Policy, whenever he uses the Services.

The information provided by our Users may be transferred, processed and/or accessed in India and/or in any other Country where EMRL operates or where the Service Providers and Business Partners of EMRL operate.

Inter-Country transfer, processing, storage or access of User data/information, caused, effected, carried out or facilitated, shall be subjected to applicable Country laws and with due respect to User Information and data privacy and confidentiality rights.

Our Services

Among other of its services, EMRL offers service to its Users, which may comprise of Individuals and Businesses, referred to as Users, primarily for the purpose of utilizing shortened brand links or URLs to drive traffic to their websites and/or for the purpose of marketing of their products and services.

Our Service feature which enables our Users to shorten any URL or links causes the generation of a unique QR Code for every shortened URL or link.

Whenever any Registered User uses the Service feature to shorten links or to shorten any URL by using our service platform a QR code is generated for every such Shortened link or shortened URL which is used for unique identification of such shortened URL or shortened link. The QR Code gets automatically associated with the User account and is saved by our system. The QR Code can be scanned by scanning devices and be used by the Users to uniquely identify each shortened URL/link and for the purpose of sharing such shortened URL/link with Third Party platforms and/or between the users of EMRL Services, from service platform offered by EMRL.

Our services enable such Registered Users to share the shortened brand links or shortened URLs with third party sites ,applications, API, and services for the purpose of marketing of their products and services and/or for driving traffic to their websites.

Whenever any Individual or End User, clicks on the shortened links or shortened URLs created by using our service platform there is certain information is captured and collected by EMRL, which includes the Operating system of the End User and browser information.

EMRL does not collect the IP address or any other information of the End User which can be used to personally identify the End User.

However, some personal information about the User such as his name, Country, email id… is captured and collected by EMRL when the User registers himself for the site and services of EMRL by creating his User account.

No sensitive information which may include the gender type, financial credentials etc. is collected by EMRL from its End Users or from its Users.

EMRL shares the End User information thus collected as stated herein, with its registered Users who have shared the shortened links or shortened URLs by using the service platform of EMRL, or with any third party platforms which may be accessible to the Users.

No additional information is captured and collected by EMRL because of the Users choices to use the other services of EMRL as stated hereabove.

The Privacy Policy covers the treatment of the information gathered by EMRL when you access or use the Services.

This Privacy Policy also covers the treatment of any information about you that EMRL Business Partner shares with EMRL and any information which EMRL shares with its Business Partners.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of other businesses that EMRL does not own or control, including other Companies websites, services or applications that you can access through the Services, such as Facebook or Twitter, an social media platform or to individuals that EMRL does not manage or employ.

EMRL has always attempted to partner with only those Third Party Service Providers who share our respect for privacy and confidentiality of our User’s data and information. However, EMRL does not warrant or take responsibility for the content or Privacy Policies of such Third Party Service Providers.

You are requested to review and understand the Privacy Policies of such Third Party Service Providers with whom we partner for the purpose of services contemplated herein before you access or use their services.

Your Consent

By visiting, accessing or using our Site AND/OR by registering yourself on our service platform for our services by creating a User account AND/OR by actively using our services you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this policy including the collection, processing, transfer, access of your information as set forth herein.

In the event you disagree to any term or condition of this Privacy Policy kindly do not access, connect to, or use any of our services.

Information collected by EMRL and its use

The information that is collected by EMRL is primarily used for the purpose of providing services to its Users, to process and complete any transaction, to respond to User queries and inquiries, to personalise and improve the Services, to monitor and analyse usage and trends of our Services and to allow our Business partners to understand how you interact with our Services as described in our Privacy Policy.

The following type of information is collected from our Users

  • Registered User Information

    A User can get himself registered for the Site and Services by registering himself and creating his User Account on our Service Platform.

    Such User will be directed to fill the User Registration form. Information about the User such as his name, country Name, Email Id will be captured and collected by EMRL at the time of registration of the new User.

    The information furnished by the Registered User is used by EMRL for the purpose of sending service letters, notifications, for User account management purposes, administrative purposes and whenever EMRL deems it necessary and expedient to notify its Registered Users about service related issues.

    We may use information provided by you to us broadly for the following purposes

    • Communicate with you, including to respond to your inquiries, fulfil your requests, and provide technical support.

    • Provide, maintain, personalise, optimize and improve the Services, including research and analytics regarding use of Services, to remember you when you leave and return to Services.

    • Provide and improve the quality of Site or Services by formulating, customizing and enhancing User experience.

    • Inform you about products and services which may interest you, and to send to you other marketing materials, transmitted to you through the contact information you provided us.

    • Detect, investigate and prevent activities that may violate our policies or be fraudulent or illegal.

Information about Minors

EMRL does not solicit and/or collect personal information of Minors or children below the age of 18 years of age. Nor does EMRL permit registration for Users who are below the age of 18 years.

In the event it comes to our notice that the Personal information collected by us is of a Minor or a child below the age of 18 years, EMRL reserves the right to delete such information from our files and databases, collected from the Minor and also reserves the right to delete the account created by such Minor.

EMRL and its Business Partners

EMRL has entered into business arrangements with its Business Partners/Third Party service providers for the purpose of facilitating some of the services made available by EMRL on its Service Platform.

Such business arrangement between EMRL and its Business partners/Third Party Service Providers, however shall not affect the legal rights and remedies that are available to Individuals or entities who are governed by this Privacy Policy.

EMRL may employ and contract with Third Party service providers to perform certain tasks on its behalf, under its direction, guidance and control, for which EMRL may need to share certain information about you for activities such as providing advertising products and services to Users, to facilitate and provide marketing, email and support services etc.

Unless expressly stated herein, such Third Party service providers do not have the right to use the information we share with them beyond what is necessary to assist us.

Transfer to subsequent Third Parties is covered by the service agreement with our Clients.

Please note that payments to or from EMRL services are processed via Third Party online payment services, and you may be subjected to the Terms of Services and Privacy Policies set forth by the Service Provider when you choose to purchase a Product/Service from their Service portal.

URL Information

The primary services offered by EMRL on its service platform is the functionality to shorten URLs or brand links.

As a Registered User, whenever you use such feature of EMRL services to shorten any URL, EMRL services shall store the time stamps associated with this activity, including the date, time when you shortened the orignal URL, country details from where you have logged onto the User account, as well as the original URL and the shortened URL.

Every detail of the original URL you choose to shorten and the pursuant shortened URL is stored and linked with your User account.

The timestamps associated with shortened links or shortened URLs are automatically collected and stored by EMRL whenever the Users share their shortened brand links or URLs on various channels.

Metrics and Analytics

EMRL collects information about accesses(such as clicks) of every EMRL links created through the Services. This information includes, but is not limited to

  • The physical location of the device accessing EMRL links.

  • The referring website or services.

  • The time and date of each access.

  • Information about sharing of EMRL link on Third Party services such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

This information is used by EMRL and its business partners to improve their service quality, provide value added features, improvise on the web features, web sites and services and for the purpose of analysis of clicks on links created using EMRL services by recording the number of times the links have been clicked, the website details from where the clicks were registered, the time and date of each click etc. Such analysis enable EMRL to understand when, how and how many number of times the links are clicked and thus to facilitate report generation on User request for each of the User Account.

User Content

Description of Any other features of the EMRL services

The content submitted by you to EMRL such as any written description about the URLs or the links shared by you from the service platform of EMRL , or any comments, images ,videos, etc. which you may submit using the service platform of EMRL, may be retained by EMRL Services even after you terminate your User account and may continue to be stored and shared by Third Parties, as described in this Privacy Policy.

On Information collected by EMRL from Third Parties

Some features of our Services allow you/Users to share their contents and EMRL links(which include shortened URLs) through your account with other Companies such as Linked In, Facebook.

If you choose to use this service of EMRL to connect with Third Party Services, we may collect information related to your use of those Third Party Services, such as authentication tokens that allow us to connect to your Third Party Service accounts.

We will solicit your permission before you authorise us to collect such information. We shall only use the information for the specific purpose for which we have collected such information provided by you. We may also collect information about how you are using the Services to interact with those connected with Third Party services.

Note: Such Third Party services may restrict the information that is provided to us based upon your Privacy Settings of your User Account you have created with such Third Party services.

Information collected Automatically

EMRL automatically captures and stores information from your web browser when you access, use or interact with the services, such as your device information, browser information, your Operating System, the Country name or your general location and your cookie information.

This information is used by EMRL to understand:

  • How Users navigate and transit between websites.

  • To facilitate collection of your data concerning your interaction with our Services and to improve our service quality index.

  • To enhance our data and information security safeguards against any spamware/malware/virus threats and to fight such spamware/malware.

  • For any other similar purposes.

The automatic information capture feature of our Services also facilitates capturing of your device data and information such as when you interact with our Services from devices such as your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Desktop.

Such automatically collected data includes your device type, location detail, device setting, operating system type.

Such information collected by EMRL is used to facilitate and enhance the service quality index of your access,use and interaction with our Services, to facilitate and enhance the quality index of Services when you interact and use Third Parties services and for such other similar purposes.

The other information which is automatically captured and collected by our Automatic information capture feature include data regarding the number and frequency of visitors visiting the Site (Site Usage information). Such data enable us to analyse and improve our Site usage and Site accessibility features and analyse User behaviour pattern.

We may collect confirmation information whenever you open any email sent by us to you. This information is used by us to improve our Customer services.

Our Cookie Policy

EMRL uses cookies and may implement and use other similar technology for the purpose of managing and administering the website, for tracking User movements, gathering site navigation information whenever its Users or visitors access or visit or use the website, for analysing trends and to gather demographic information about their User base as a whole.

The cookie information is used by us for the purpose of identifying your web browser and to understand when and how many times you visit our website and use our Services through our service platform.

Our cookie technology further enable us to track data on clicks which are registered whenever any User or visitor clicks on our service link and/or links created, shared by Users using the Services.

We partner with Third Parties to track utilization and behaviour on our websites, display advertisements on our websites, and to manage our advertisements on other sites. Our Third Party partners may use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies in order to provide you advertising based upon your browsing activities and interests.

The Privacy Policy covers the use of cookies by EMRL only and it does not cover the manner and the usage of cookies by Third Party services.

EMRL does not control how and when Third Parties place their cookies on your Computer, such as when you visit the website using EMRL service link.

What Information is shared

The service platform provided by EMRL enable you to share your information publicly.

We may share your information with our Business Partners or with Third Party Service Providers for the purpose of enhancing our services and products. This may be used by such Third Party service Providers and our Business Partners to market their products and services to you and/or to analyse User behavioural trends.

In the event you do not wish to share your Personal information with any Third party, you may write to us at or make changes to your Account Settings.

Link usage and related information

EMRL service platform facilitates services for shortening of URLs or links and well as enables collection and storage of information regarding the original URLs which are shortened, their corresponding shortened URLs, information about the clicks generated whenever EMRL links are clicked and their associated metrics and analysis information and information about your usage of any of the services and their associated metrics and analysis.

Registered Users may have some of the information associated with their Accounts.

Unregistered Users will not have access to such information or association nor will they be able to gain access to the Services. However, EMRL does collect and store information concerning their use of the Services, such as which EMRL service links they click on, some parameters of the device they log on from, such as the device type etc. through the use of cookies and automatically collected information.

Information about the accesses or clicks on every link created by a User using EMRL services and shared by such Users with Third Party services are captured, collected and made available to the User when the User logs in to his User account. Such information includes, the physical location of the device, number of clicks registered, Third Party services information such as, facebook, linked In etc.

Note: If you choose to provide information about yourself using certain features of the Services, then the information you provide using such features of the Services shall be governed by the Privacy Policy of those particular features.

Information you elect to share

The Registered Users of EMRL Services have the option to share the EMRL links(shortened links/URLs) with Third Party services.

Any information you elect to share or distribute through such Third Party services is provided to them and may then be accessible to the Users of such Third Party services

You can also access Third Party services through the Services.

If you do not wish to have information on EMRL links you click to be shared with our Business partners, you may choose to opt out anytime by sending us a mail on

Note: You are requested to review the Privacy Policies and the Terms and Conditions of such Third Party service providers before you access their services through the Services, since EMRL does not control and is not responsible for the Privacy Policies of such Third Party service providers.

User Profile Information

User Profile information such as your User Name and/or any other information you share may get displayed to the other Users of the Services, to facilitate user interaction within the Services.

User email id, or phone number and any other sensitive information regarding the User is not revealed to other Users of the Services by EMRL.

Information shared pursuant to business transfer

It may be expedient in our interest to share or transfer information and/or data about our Users in the event we enter into mergers/acquisitions with other corporates or organizations, to facilitate sale of our assets or in any other situation wherein we are required to transfer our User information as one of our business asset.

We shall keep you notified about any change in ownership, use of your personal information and the choices you may have regarding your personal information, via email and/or through prominent notice on our website.

The new acquirer of our Company however, will continue to be bound by our Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of information by EMRL in order to comply with any law, regulation, rule

EMRL may be required to read, preserve, access and disclose any information it collects in order to

  • Comply with a law, regulation, or compulsory legal request, including process from a governmental law enforcement or national security agency.

  • Enforcing these terms of service , including investigation of potential violation hereof.

  • Detect, prevent , or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.

  • protection of rights, property or safety of EMRL, its users and the public.

  • Respond to user request with due respect to data security and confidentiality rights.

EMRL may share or exchange information with its Business partners and with other companies and organizations for fraud protection and spam/malware prevention.

Information shared with User consent

EMRL shares certain information about you with other service providers whenever it is prompted to share such information by you through your actions, instructions etc., such as when you share EMRL links or contents with other service provider through our Services, or when we notify you to share your information for a definite purpose and in a particular manner, it is only post you share such information with us, we may cause to effect or act on it.

Data and Information protection mechanism

User account information is protected by a password created for the purpose of data/information security and privacy. However, you are requested to keep your password confidential and not disclose the same to any third party tom prevent unauthorised access and usage of your data and information.

Further, you can prevent unauthorised access to your system/device by selecting appropriate password strings, changing your password on regular basis, by signing off your account post your account access activity.

EMRL has implemented Industry standard security processes and controls and has deployed robust technological solutions and measures to protect the data and information it collects from its users, clients, business partners, third party services providers and from other sources it interacts with for its service requirements.

However, no security measure is perfect enough or impenetrable and systems are always vulnerable to cyber and security threats.

EMRL does not warrant or guarantee that the measures and safeguards it has implemented will prevent any unauthorised access to the information EMRL has stored about you and its Services.

In the event any of our security measures are compromised with, or a breach of our security measures occurs, we shall notify you at promptly in the event your personal information is compromised or your personal information gets leaked.

On occurrence of any such incidence our investigation shall be subjected to due process of law and actions taken accordingly to prevent further leakage of data and information and to facilitate recovery measures.

EMRL is committed towards handling your data with care and precision and about protecting your data and information. EMRL has followed and implemented all legal mandates when it comes to data and information security and confidentiality.

For further queries or information on information and data security, you may write to us at

User information, choices available and access mechanism

EMRL does not allow access to any of its Services without due registration and User account creation by its service Users.

Any individual or business entity who wishes to access and use the Services available on EMRL service platforms has to mandatorily follow a User Registration process and get his User Account created on EMRL web portal.

The Services a Registered User can avail of is limited by and depends on the type of Services i.e Paid service and Free services, such User subscribes for.

Information on services offered by EMRL is available on

Users can send their requests at for obtaining information about any of their Personal information stored or retained by EMRL.

Upon receipt of your request, EMRL shall respond to your request by sharing information it has about your personal information.

In order to confirm your identity, EMRL may require and solicit additional information from you in order to respond to your request.

You may access, edit, correct, or request deletion of your account by logging on to your account or writing to us at

Kindly note that each of your request and queries are valuable to us and we shall endeavour to respond to you and resolve your issues within reasonable time frame.

Also, in certain circumstances we may require to retain your personal information either to continue providing our services or because of a legal mandate/order/rule.

EMRL honours your right to access your personal information, correct, amend, or delete any inaccurate data.

For further queries or information about User data and information access you may contact us at

Any Registered User who wishes to access, amend, delete or correct any inaccurate data may write to our Data Controller at and we shall endeavour to respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.

Registered Users can access information associated with their accounts by logging onto to their accounts. The information associated with such User Accounts include the history of shortened URLs and access to metrics pages of such URLs.

Registered Users have the option to deactivate their User Accounts. Deactivation of such User Account will prohibit future access to such User Account and the User will no longer be able to use his Account.

You can deactivate your User Account by logging on to your Account and changing your Account settings.

Note: In the interest of ensuring that existing EMRL links continue to function for all of its Users, the EMRL links that you have created and shared cannot be deleted even after you have deleted or deactivated your User Account, and any shortening and sharing activity which has already occurred in your Account also cannot be deleted (however, your user history can be set to Private from within your Account settings).

For any concerns about your Account usage or on any unauthorised usage of your Account, you may write to us at and we shall take corrective steps to prevent future unauthorised access and usage of your Account.

On Our Privacy Policy

We may cause to amend or update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Users are requested to review our Privacy Policy periodically for any material or significant changes or amendments made to the draft of the Policy.

Collection, usage, storage, processing or management of any of information and data is subjected to the Privacy Policy effective at the time such data or information is collected, used, stored, processed or managed.

Your data and information shall be governed by the Privacy Policy in effect and the rules made thereunder.

Any material changes caused to the manner in collecting or use of your data and information and/or any information addressing changes to our information privacy and confidentiality concerns, will be notified to you by EMRL by email or by an announcement posted on the service platform with the Effective Date for implementation of such changes.

You hereby agree to be bound by any changes made to our Privacy Policy if you continue to use our Services after such changes to our Privacy Policy become effective.


EMRL tracks and monitors User activity and information generation on its Service Platform in the manner stated in this Privacy Policy.

EMRL refrains from and does not indulge into, engage, undertake or encourage any form of illegal or unauthorised snooping or surveillance of User movement and/or user activity.

You may write to us at if you feel your right to privacy is compromised because of any illegal or unauthorised snooping or surveillance of your user activity addressing your concerns and we shall respond to your request promptly.

We shall take appropriate steps to investigation the matter and if sufficiently proved with evidence cause to initiate legal proceedings against the person/entity causing such a breach.

My queries, question and concerns resolving mechanism

Kindly share your concerns, queries or questions on our Privacy Policy by writing to us at

We shall endeavour to resolve your concerns, queries and questions within reasonable time and to your satisfaction.